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Data protection rights: 

JoyBuggy collects information about Customers to process orders and provide the best possible service.

JoyBuggy is fully committed to compliance with laws and provisions of the European Union. The following principles will be applied when JoyBuggy handles personal information:

  • We don't crawl your personal information - We only use information given by us, and only use it with your knowledge.
  • No more information that we actually need to process a order is collected (name, e-mail, phone)
  • Your information is only seen by those who need it to do their jobs (Customer support - Accounting) 
  • We don't share, pass or sale your personal information to any other organization without your agreement unless required to do so by law.
  • Personal information is only stored for as long as it is needed by law.
  • Your information is protected from unauthorized or accidental disclosure
  • On request - You can ask for a copy of your personal information
  • You can change Inaccurate or misleading data under "My Account" page - to ensure always updated info. 

These principles apply whether JoyBuggy holds customers' information on paper or in electronic form.

During your "stay" or use of, we collect statistical information and transmit it to our partners (Google Analytics) but this information does not contain any nominative or personal information about you.

Request insight into your data by contacting the customer service. 

GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS for purchase of Downloaded Video Games

1. Subject and limitations of the service: is an e-commerce website (hereinafter "the Site") offers internet users who have registered to the site (hereinafter "Customers"), a download to own video game service.

The customer may select a video game, download it, install it on his computer and keep it on his hard disk drive (hereinafter "the Service").

The Service is operated by JoyBuggy (hereinafter the "Distributor"), a limited Danish company registered in Holstebro under the number 42 02 39 06.

The Service consists in the digital delivery of video games or software keys (serial number or activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key…) as data files: no physical back‐up, notably CD‐rom or DVD‐rom will be sent (hereinafter "the Games" or the "Video Games").

Furthermore, the Service can also carry, under similar conditions, other products, such as strategy guides. These Terms and Conditions apply in the exact same way to all the other products and services provided on the site.

2. Prerequisites:

2.1 – Internet Access: You need a decent internet connection (we advise a 20Mbps + connection) The Games to download range from dozens of megabytes to many gigabytes in size:
An internet access is also required to install and launch the downloaded Game/client, or, depending on the Games, to reach some dedicated features (multiplayer sessions, etc...).

2.2 ‐ Account: To use the Service, you will need to create an account with us, using the required valid information including a valid email address. Incorrect details may result in the rejection of your order.

2.3 – Computer: The Games require a computer, with the system specifications fulfilling (CPU power, RAM, GPU...): these specifications are indicated online on a Game per Game basis.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to check that their computer fulfills the minimum requirements to run each Game. If in doubt about the specifications, please refer to or ask our Customer Service.

2.4 – Digital Right Management (DRM / Platform): On each Game & in checkout, the Customer is informed about needed operatingsystem & DRM platform, usage of anti-copy measures and delivery mode.
The DRM system, will require you to download and use a third-party platform, on your order, you will get instructions to this DRM system.

The Distributor will not be held responsible for misuse of the downloaded Games, nor for their compatibility with the Customer’s computer.

3. Price & Payment:

Price : Product pricing on our site or advertised for sale online, are as set out on the Site, errors are excepted. Prices can change at any time prior to a Customer’s order. No discount/refunds are offered. 

Pre-Orders : Orders for games that have yet to become available. Some titles allow the customer to order and pre‐load the game, this will be listed on the product page.
Any information incl. Release dates are set by the publishers and can change. As a result, the Distributor is not liable for any changes to a pre‐release date.

Any Order, Pre‐release, pre‐load or download order will be sold at the price listed at the time of order and the sale is said to have taken place once the Customer obtained the payment confirmed page and received a confirmation email. (not on delivery) 

Security : Any provided Payment information, like bank or card details are NOT visible by, nor stored by the Distributor or on the Site. To prevent & fight internet fraud, the Distributor collects and records certain device identifying information such as IP addresses, as well as other non‐personally identifiable information.
The Distributor has contracts with certain third-party service providers and shares such non-personally identifiable information with them to provide the safest user experience. This unique official identification contractually binds you. In the absence of fraud this information will stay confidential.

4. Customers Rights & Obligations:

4.1 – Customer account:

The Customer is and will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account's login and password, and is fully responsible for all activities under the account.

The Distributor reserves the right to suspend and terminate any account in case of a breach of these Terms & Conditions, including if the customer provides false details or any other misuse of the Site. This person/accountholder of a terminated account must not re‐register on the Site without the Distributor’s prior consent.

In the event of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, the Customer must notify the Distributor immediately by contacting customer support.

NOTE Phishing: The Distributor will never ask the Customer about his password, creditcard or any other type of information.. Such a request would be a fraud attempt by a third party.

4.2 – Game Delivery:

The Customer can access the Games’ data files and all content needed to install and run the Games (serial number or activation key, etc.) once the payment is approved. In case of fraud, the Distributor may refuse or delay the delivery of some or all of the ordered content if any problem with the payment. If a Customer is waiting for a key delivery, please do contact our support.

4.3 – Right of withdrawal:

The Customer shall have a period of 14 days in which to withdraw from the contract .The period of this right begins from the day of key delivery of said Game (This is once our system register your key delivery time - Normal at the same time as your order is confirmed.).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, once a Customer receives a serial number for a Game, the Customer may NO LONGER exercise the right of withdrawal with respect to such Game because the Service will have commenced for the Game. For the avoidance of doubt, with respect to any Game, performance begins as soon as any activation key (i.e., the serial number) is obtained by the Customer at which point the 14-day withdrawal period and right to withdraw shall no longer apply with respect to the applicable Game(s).

4.4 – Distributor cancellation & refund policy:

Orders, Games, Software or any other product sold on our site for which the Customer has received a serial number are non‐refundable.

Refunds may be exceptionally offered if customer support has determined the Customer’s refund request reasonable and only if this conditions are met:

  • Time between Customer's order and refund request has not passed 48 hours;
  • Only if the user have a PC configuration that is sufficient to run the Game, and the Customer have provided the needed Screenshots to the Support team, for them to help fix any problem;
  • The serial numbers (activation key, etc.) has not been shared or viewed by any third party;
  • If a 3D-Secure or 2-factor system has been used under doing the payment process. If its not been provided Customer Support can ask for the Customer's ID to verify the customer, before refunding.

Customer support will determine in its sole discretion if a Customer meets the foregoing criteria for a refund. No disquisition or question asked, if so any request will be refused. In case of a refund, Customer Support will only refund 95% of your order. The last 5% will be removed in order to cover the financial costs of the refund. 
If you can agree the the bullets please contact Customer Support to request a refund. 

4.5 – License of Use:

The payment and download of Video Games gives the Customer an individual license that is non‐exclusive for the use of the video game purchased, for a purely private, nontransferable and non‐commercial use. The Customer commits to using the Game following the Publisher’s End User License as provided during installation and/or on the Site.

In consequence, the Customer is forbidden from modifying, decompiling, translating, adapting and/or copying the downloaded game(s) in any way.

The distribution of non‐authorized copies to third parties over the internet or any other network prevents the development of distribution by download and prevents the right holders from any remuneration which would be used for the creation of subsequent Games. In order to prevent fraud, the Customer may only install the Games on a limited number of machines (and reinstall a limited number of times) and/or, (depending on the Game), will have to create an account directly on the Publisher’s site or any third party selected by said Publisher to launch or access dedicated features from the Game.

In the event of problems arising from the reasonable re‐installation of the game (loss, system alteration, etc.), please contact the customer support which may expand customer’s rights after having analyzed any reasonable requests.

5. Customer Service:

We only provide assistance support related to installation of games, software or how to pay. Support in relation to hardware setup, unsupported systems or other please look in 4.4

If you need help, please do contact customer support, using e-mail or our live chat. 

To be able to provide the best support, the Customer is required to give informations as, name, orderID, screenshot of the customers screen and the customers hardware.

The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to the Game or software itself. These issues are the Game/software Publisher’s responsibility only. The Distributor may provide links to the Game Publisher’s customer support or technical FAQ pages if and when available.

If none of the articles in the FAQ pages would help, Customer can contact Customer support at

6. Service Availability:

We solo commits to ensure continued access to its Service. However, we cannot guarantee the speed of download of the games, as such things are the responsibility not only of the Service but are characteristics inherent to the Internet or the delivery of a third-party's service, notably those of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The Service runs via a technological environment that is under the management and the responsibility of the Customer, the Distributor is not responsible for any problems arising from this environment.

Apart from that which concerns the Service provided, and aside from the momentary degradation of the quality of the Service, notably in the event of maintenance, repair, re‐enforcement, extension or improvement of the Service, the Distributor will not, in any event, be responsible for the reliability of the data transmission, the access speed or any other eventual restrictions of the Service.

7. Warranties:

The Consumer benefits, under the terms of each Publisher end‐user license, of a limited warranty for each Game purchased according to the present Terms and Conditions.

In any event, the responsibility and the guarantees of the Distributor are limited to the replacement of defective games or their eventual reimbursement.

The Publisher may provide a corrective patch to update the version of a Game purchased with JoyBuggy. This patch, provided for free by the Publisher is reachable from the Game’s menu itself.
The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to a non‐compatible patch installed by the Customer.

8. Proof & Filing:

All data exchanged with the Customers are preserved by the Distributor under reasonable conditions of safety. The filing of these data is carried out on a reliable and durable back‐up means so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy. In the event of conflict between the data held by the Distributor and any other document, it is expressly agreed that the aforementioned data will be recognized between the parties.

9. Specific rules on the protection of minors and consumer information:

To answer the consumer’s need for information about the content of the offered Games, the Distributor systematically reproduces the classification established by the PEGI system (Pan‐ European Game Information). For more information on PEGI ratings please visit

12. General Provisions:

The Distributor reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time. The Distributor will then provide access to the new Terms and Conditions on the Site. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately, and will govern all new transactions through the Site.

The Customer must be eighteen years old to use this Site. If the Customer is under eighteen, he may only use the Site in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, a parent or guardian. If the Customer does not qualify, he is required not to use the Site.

Last updated: Feb 23th 2021