How to Redeem a game on Steam 

Here at JoyBuggy you have 2 options. 
1. To take the slow way of activation
2. To take the 1-click-activation 

Here are the both how to redeem guide

How to Redeem using the 1-click

  1. Go into your My Games overview 
  2. Press the bottom called "Instant Redeem" (a new tab opens) 
  3. Log into Steam
  4. The key from our page is now added to the redeem field on Steam
  5. Press now "Continue" --> Your game is now redeemed 
  6. Open your steam client
  7. Play your game

How to Redeem using the code (slow way)

  1. Go into your My Games overview 
  2. Download the Steam Client : Download Steam (new tab)
  3. Log into or Create a Steam account
  4. Open the Steam Client
  5. In the Steam Client find the menu "Add a Game" (Normal its located in the right footer of the client)
  6. Press Next --> I Agree --> Next
  7. Add your product code from your Game overview --> Press Next
  8. Congrats, your game is now redeemed. 
  9. Play your game